For the longest time I struggled with cooking using stainless steel pans. Consistency was a real bug-a-boo for me, and I had trouble replicating and executing dishes to a high standard. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal, and when I dine out fried eggs are part of my go-to order, but I always struggled to cook them on my own. Recently I got a brand new All-Clad set with 7 different types pans and was immediately excited to make them my go to cookware when prepping my meals.

But it didn’t go exactly as I anticipated.

I tried a few different recipes for eggs and just couldn’t seem to get it right. The stainless steel heated up so quickly, and I found that the food always got stuck to the pan. The eggs would break down and and fall apart when I tried to move it around, which was frustrating to say the least. Also, after the cooking was finished, there always seemed to be a leftover residue embedded in the pan that I just couldn’t scrape off. Trying to clean the pan became a time sucking nightmare.

Finally I had enough. I found myself going back and using my old nonstick pans and cast iron skillet, and started to completely ignore my new stainless steel set.

That all changed when I stumbled upon the Crispy Fried Eggs Method by Chef Frank Prisinzano. Chef Prisinzano is the owner of red sauce restaurants Frank, Lil Frankies, and Supper in Manhattan and is famous for his Instagram stories and cooking methods.

The Crispy Fried Eggs Method piqued my interest immediately, as it was commonly highlighted as a staple on Franks Instagram stories. He was very clear on one important detail: for the perfect crispy eggs, stainless steel pans are an absolute must. No exceptions, no other pan would do. So I decided to give it a shot. I dusted off my stainless steel pans and began gathering everything needed for the recipe.

The supplies included:

  • Stainless Steel Pan ✓
  • Fish Spatula ✓
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil ✓
  • Black Sea Salt ✓
  • Oregano ✓
  • Red Pepper ✓
  • Eggs (of course) ✓

With all the tools at my disposal, I was ready to go. For those that don’t know what a fish spatula is, this is what you’ll want:

Fish Spatula

Fish Spatulas are perfect for flipping eggs

I preheated my stove burner on medium to medium-high, and placed down my stainless steel pan to heat up.

Heating Stainless Steel Pan

Stainless Steel heats up quickly

Once the pan was sufficiently hot, I added a generous dash of supermarket quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You want the cheap stuff here as no point in cooking in good olive oil.

The pan should be hot enough that it smokes slightly and immediately upon impact.

Add Olive Oil to pan

A Splash of Olive Oil

Then, it was time to add the eggs.

Fried Eggs added to pan

Add Eggs directly to pan

The eggs immediately started to bubble and smoke a bit, creating a soufle like texture around the egg. Don’t worry – this is just a normal part of the cooking process. If you feel that the smoke is excessive, just turn down the heat slightly. After all, you can’t expect to fry an egg without a bit of smoke.

Eggs Frying in pan

Simmering Eggs

Now the next step is where I learned the most valuable lesson of all with this method.


Let them sit. Let the heat and the oil and the steel do its thing.

I found this to be the crucial key in cooking with stainless steel. Once the eggs were properly cooked they would release themselves from the pan. Any premature spatula flip, or unnecessary movement would surely be met with a a ruined egg and a dirty pan.

So I remained patient and directly seasoned my egg. Be as generous as you’d like with the seasonings. I sprung for lots of salt, black and red pepper, and oregano, but feel free to add whatever spices are desired.

Seasoned Fried Eggs

Generously Seasoned Fried Eggs

After a few minutes I could start to see the top whites were cooked properly, and the edges of the eggs were getting crispy and brown. This was exactly what I was looking for, and something that I found to be missing when I had tried using stainless steel pans in the past.

Cooked Seasoned Eggs

Almost done!

The eggs were almost done, and I gave it a gentle nudge with my fish spatula to ensure they were ready to release.

Lift Egg

All cooked!

Bingo. It slid right off the pan and easily transferred them onto my plate with very little difficulty.

Finished Fried Egg

The fried eggs looked amazing, and were definitely more appetizing than any I had managed to prepare before. Crispy, well seasoned, and ready for me to enjoy.

Plate Crispy Fried Egg

Before I dug in I had one last step to complete. I cracked the gooey yolk and spread the generous yellow filling all around the outer whites. I wanted each bite to be packed with flavor.

Fried Egg Yolk

Perfectly cooked yolk

I also wanted to make sure that the bottom was cooked properly, so I flipped it over and BAM. Perfection. Crispy and brown, but not charred or burnt.

Fried Egg Cooked Bottom

Nice and browned

The fried eggs were finally ready to eat, and boy was I starving.

Ready To Eat Egg

Simply put, they were delicious. The creamy egg yolk combined perfectly on the well seasoned egg whites, and together with the crispy edges it was a winning combination.

Each bite I took I found to be well balanced, and had everything that makes fried eggs such a simple yet essential dish.

Fork of crispy fried Egg

A perfect bite

The Crispy Egg Method has undoubtedly found itself a permanent home in my cooking arsenal, and has become a steady, regular part of my breakfast.

It’s certainly a must try and if you want to jazz yours up a bit try it with some of these seasonings we found at Trader Joes.

Here are a couple of tips to not remember when preparing this simple yet delicious dish:

  • Use Stainless steel only!
  • Make sure the pan is hot enough.
  • Use enough olive or cooking oil (about 1/8″)
  • Season generously any way you like!

And that’s about it. Pretty simple, right?

For more methods and delicious food content make sure you follow Frank Prisinzano himself on Instagram. Trust me, your stomach will thank you.