Why I repackage cooking oil into my own bottles


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As I got more into cooking and experimenting with more ingredients I came across a problem, especially when dealing with cooking oils. There was so much variety on the market and so many different types of oils that they slowly started to accumulate in my pantry. Before I knew it, my shelves were stuffed with various bottles of different levels of cooking oils. Everything from the basics like olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, to the more speciality grape-seed oils and avocado oils.

I started to notice an issue and that was the variety of shapes and sizes they came in. I had bottles big and small, fat and slim that I struggled to find room in my pantry for.

As I started getting even more into oils, especially olive oil, I knew this wasn’t sustainable. Not only was my pantry overcrowded but each bottle poured differently. Sometimes I would accidentally douse my pan in oil when I only wanted to use a little bit and vice versa.

I came across these olive oil bottles on Amazon and they appeared perfect. Slim, with an easy pour spout, and dark enough that they would protect my oils from going rancid. I decided to try them out.

As soon as the bottles arrived I knew I was going to like them. They were slim, sleek, and looked great as a set. They really fit my kitchen and aesthetic well.

I immediately started to transfer my old oil into these new bottles. Right off the bat I noticed the huge difference in the shape and functionality of these bottles, especially compared to the standard package I bought them in.

oil bottles

Give your cooking oil bottles a total makeover

After transferring them all I happily tossed all my old bottles and lined up the new ones on my countertop.

Using these bottles really changed the way I use oil in cooking. I’m now more confident and consistent in pouring my oils making my dishes come out much better.

If you are struggling with the same thing I highly recommend purchasing these bottles on Amazon here.

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