Why Every Kitchen Needs Flour Sack Towels

Flour Sack Towels

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When it comes to kitchen towels, Flour Sack towels are the true linchpin of the kitchen cleanup, and offer overall utility that is simply unmatched. While the name might sound a little odd, these linens will be used a lot. But what exactly are flour sack kitchen towels, and just what can they be used for?

Despite the name, flour sack towels aren’t fashioned out of flour sacks. Rather, they’re inspired by them, as the cotton weave used to produce these towels is pretty thin, similar to bags that hold flour and other fine ingredients. Made from cotton, this material is more absorbent, but lighter, then dish towels made from thicker cotton. The result is an ideal material to wipe off your hands, dry recently washed vegetables, or even to use as a de-facto cheese cloth or strainer.

Another great quality of these kitchen towels? They’re lint free. Anyone who’s run a dishtowel or rag through the wash knows that lint is like a magnet to linens. It can embed itself deeply into thick cotton or materials used in most kitchen towels. But not in flour sack towels. This quality is perfect when using flour sack towels to dry dishes, or when buffing silverware and appliances.

They’re sleek, chic, and look great dropped over the oven handle or folded on tables or counters.

Another key question. Do you often find yourself going through so many rolls of paper towels cooking a simple meal? We certainly do.

We use so many paper towels for anything and everything. Literally. From washing our hands, to cleaning the counter, to drying our pots and pans, even to drying off vegetables – we always seem to reach for a roll of paper towels. It’s an extremely inefficient, and wasteful habit.

But it can be tough to break. While we try to make it a point to cut down on our paper towel use, it can be pretty difficult. We find ourselves ripping off piece after piece, usually way more than the amount that’s actually needed.

flour sack kitchen towel
Image curtesy of cottoncreations.com

That started to change when we finally got a good set of flour sack kitchen towels. They can be purchased relatively cheaply, and the fact that they are machine washable, and reusable, was appealing.

Anything from sopping up spills to just wiping down the counter is easily tackled with these towels. They’re super soft, and grip pretty well, and unlike thicker, cotton towels, they don’t too grimy after just a couple of uses.

The larger size of these towels compared to standard dish towels is also a huge boon. Anywhere from 20-36 inches, the excess surface area of flour sack kitchen towels is refreshing.

Where to Get Flour Sack Kitchen Towels

Cotton Flour Sack Towels

Cotton Creations Craft Basics Flour Sack Towel

We copped a couple of towels from Cotton Creations, authorities in linens for over 30 years. These guys know what they’re doing. And while you can depend on them to deliver on any type of linen product, it’s their flour sack collection that really caught our eye.

They offer a variety of options, and even give the ability to customize or embroider a unique set. A perfect option for sprucing up the kitchen or linen closet. They offer three different weighted towel options: Value, American and Premium. Their products are insanely durable, and can be used as staples of the kitchen for a decade to come. Seriously.

Our recommendation? Buy a couple of different sizing options. They’re super cheap, and for such a low price tag it makes sense to stock up. Another plus? They’re currently running a discount that’s too good to pass up.



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