These Restaurants Are Dedicated To Avocado Everything

Avocado Restaurants

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We all know that cheeky satisfaction with seeing the avocado trend around the world. These days, they show up everywhere. From the menus of almost every coffee shop worldwide to the clever avocado art on Instagram. They have specific kitchen tools designed just for them and even have entire cookbooks just for avocado recipes.

But have you ever thought bigger? Like an entire restaurant dedicated to the avocado?

Well, we have news for you. Not only is there a restaurant for avocados, but multiple!

Avocados have taken the world by storm and people have noticed. Dedicated avocado shops are popping up in cities all over and they are not just about serving the standard avocado toast.

These guys are taking it to a whole new level. Fried avocado, baked avocado, even grilled avocado! In fact, you can find an avocado recipe for pretty much anything.

We knew it was only a matter of time but these restaurants allow us to indulge in our avocado dreams. The creamiest and most perfect fruit finally has a place(s) to call home.

Here are the avocado-themed restaurants

1. Avocadoria (Brooklyn, New York)

This ‘Shark Tank’-backed restaurant only serves avocado dishes — and it’s so busy it uses 3,000 pounds a month. Located in Sunset Park, this location specializes in smoothies, salads, and bowls infused with international flavors from Mexico, Egypt, and Japan. Of course not to forget their famous smashed avocado toast. Try it topped with beet hummus instead or a poached egg! The combinations are endless.

Location Address: 238 36th St. Brooklyn, NY 11232

2. The Avocado Show (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

The Avocado Show was the first of all the avocado only restaurants, opening in the Netherlands a few years back. You can say they started the trend of avocado-themed restaurants and certainly hold their own to the new competition that has popped up. Dedicated to serving the classic avocado dishes, this restaurant also creatives beautiful masterpieces of art on each one. We like to the think they are secretly perfectional artists that just love avocados. Check out their work and stop in to see it for yourself.

Location Address: Daniel Stalpertstraat 61 HS 1072 XB Amsterdam

3. Avobar (London, United Kingdom)

Avobar is a newcomer to the avocado restaurant scene and is located in Londons Covet Garden district. Opened in early 2018, the restaurant touts creative dishes like avocado pancakes and shakshuka. If you are looking for a more hearty meal that incorporates avocados well this is your spot. No flashy artwork here just good innovative cooking.
Location Address: 23 – 24 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8ND

4. Guac (New York, New York)

This restaurant goes a bit beyond the avocado and dedicates itself to not just guacamole but tacos and tequila. We’re not complaining. They serve 12 signature specialty guacamoles that feature all kinds of toppings. If you are in for a tasting get the sampler that includes a mix of 3.

Location Address: 179 Avenue B, New York, NY, 10009

5. Avocado Grill (West Palm Beach, Florida)

This funky restaurant really goes all in on their avocado theme. Everything from doors, bar stools, shelving, to floors are inspired by our favorite fruit. Serving specialties like grilled avocado with seafood pairings this place is a must to check out.

Location Address: 125 Datura Street West Palm Beach Florida 33401

6. Good Fat (Sydney, Australia)

This Australian hot spot is really playing up the healthy side of the avocado. It’s ok. Indulge. This place is dishing out some classic Australian coffee shop style dishes that are an excellent stop for brunch. Also, don’t forget to get dessert like an avocado shake or some ice cream to cool off in those summer months.

Location Address: 355 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia


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