The Bubbly Secret To Better Hummus

better hummus

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If you have ever made hummus at home before you will know just how much better it is than store bought.

The freshness, the smoothness, and the lack of fake tasting preservatives is really noticable.

Trust me, I tried to pass off store bought as home made before and let’s just say it was fooling no one.

So what actually makes better hummus?

Obviously using fresh chickpeas combined with the standard ingredients of lemon, garlic, tahini, and more. The problem was, not enough garlic and lemon juice leaves the hummus flat. Too much garlic or tahini and it has a raw taste.

I knew there had to be a better way but didn’t know what until I found the secret. Something that didn’t really make sense until it did.

The secret to better hummus is sparkling water.

And there it was. The answer I had always been looking for.

When making hummus with sparkling water not only was the consistency just unmatched but the taste blew me away! It felt like the seltzer water brought out more flavor from the garlic and lemon elevating the whole dish.

It was hard to describe. Seltzer water made my hummus come to life.

There was no overly bubbly taste as you might expect but you can imagine it similarly to how yeast is essential to dough. It rose it to another lever and now I can never go back.

If you are looking to make hummus I can’t recommend enough to try it. If you are like me you will never go back to the original way and will pass this secret a long for generations to come.



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