Brighten your everyday coffee: A review of Nespresso PIXIE collection

nespresso pixie cups

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I’m a huge fan of coffee. Not only the taste, but I just love the overall experience of it. I enjoy the idea of waking up and having a cup of steaming coffee to nurture and drink as I prep for the day. I covet the warm and cozy feeling that coffee supplies. A feeling that simply can’t be beat.

Ever since I got into drinking coffee, I’ve been on the hunt for unique cups and mugs to call my own. Some people might collect a hodgepodge of random mugs in for the kitchen over time, but I wanted something more coordinated. A set that matched. I was never a fan of the standard plain cups, so I really took the time to find ones that I liked. As an espresso aficionado, it was important to me to find the perfect set.

I was extremely picky in my quest for the perfect set of cups. I just couldn’t find anything that matched up with my preferences. As my search exhaustingly continued, I began to realize that there was no one “perfect” cup that would satisfy what I was looking for. Every mug offered a slightly different experience both in terms of handling and drinking. I slowly warmed to the idea that each mug could lend a different experience for my morning espresso.

One day while browsing my local kitchen store, I came across something new, something exciting that caught my eye. The Nespresso Pixie collection. When I spotted these cups in the store they immediately grabbed my attention. I was taken by their fun design and interesting visual look.

nespresso pixie cup red

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The cups were small yet colorful and reminded me of a Nespresso pod, which was probably by design. They were perfect for a cup of morning espresso.

The cups come in 4 distinct and eye-catching colors: Envivo (Red), Fortisso (Green), Linizio (Orange), and Vivalto (Blue).

At $30 for a set of two these cups, they seemed reasonably affordable, and had the flare that my kitchen seemed to be lacking.

I couldn’t decide on just one color so I ended up buying 3 packs: The Red, Green, and Orange.

nespresso pixie cups

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Upon arriving home I fired up my Nespresso machine and immediately brewed a cup of piping hot coffee. I loved the cups. Made from durable stainless steel, the walls of the cup are doubly insulated and ensure that it won’t be scorching hot to the touch. The double insulation also keeps the coffee consistently hot, and retains heat effortlessly. Nothing is a bigger bummer than a rapidly cooling cup of coffee, and these mugs had that covered.

The Nespresso Pixie collection has now become an indispensable part of my morning coffee habit routine for both espressos and cappuccinos. They can also be used for any hot drink such as tea or hot chocolate. These cups also are great for enjoying my newest obsession, dalgona coffee!

Overall I’m very satisfied with both the look and feel of the Nespresso cups. They are so unique and can be a perfect edition to any coffee drinks cup collection. I highly recommend adding them to your own kitchen.

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Geoff Shannon
3 years ago

We got this based off your review and like them so far.

Maggie Goldstein
3 years ago

Are these cups dishwasher friendly?