7 Ways to Enjoy a Simple Valentines Day at Home

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What’s the hardest day of the year to get a dinner reservation? If you guessed, Valentine’s Day, you are exactly right.

Millions of people everywhere attempt to impress a significant other by making a reservation at a fancy restaurant or bar. But sometimes those plans can fail to impress. Places are always crazy crowded on valentines day, and because of the increased cost and prix fixed menus, the experience isn’t always top notch.

Don’t stress.

Some of the most intimate and romantic times we’ve had with a loved one on Valentines Day can be enjoyed at home. We have outlined seven of our go-to ways to celebrate a perfect, simple, and low key Valentines day at home.

Breakfast in Bed

Romantic Breakfast

A Romantic Breakfast Spread in Bed

A tradition that is tried and true. If you really want to start the day off strong, nothing says “I love you” like a thoughtfully prepared breakfast in bed. The greatest part of it is the simplicity – pick up a few of your significant other’s favorite breakfast foods the night before.

Mix in their favorite berries, granola, yogurt and maybe something special from the bakery. Scramble some eggs, fry up some bacon. Throw a few flowers on the plate for some good measure and bonus aesthetic points. This one really gets the day started on a perfect, and romantic note.


Valentines Day Candle Formation

A romantic display of candles

Nothing says romance like flickering candles. A selection of candles spread about will elevate a normal setting into one of romance and provide the perfect aesthetic for Valentine’s Day. But enjoying a simple Valentines day at home doesn’t have to be underwhelming. Candles are a foolproof way to ramp up the romance. We recommend buying a bunch of tea candles and arranging them throughout your home for the ideal mood setting to get your evening started off right.

Red Roses + Chocolate

Valentines Day at Home Bed Spread

A Romantic Bed Spread

Red Roses and chocolate are always a must to enflame the mood for a perfect Valentine’s Day. Why not grab a couple dozen roses and use them to decorate your home?  Try pulling off the petals from a few flowers and spreading them across the bed or in a warm bath. For chocolate, get something high quality and decadent – our favorite are french truffles, especially the ones made by No Chewing Allowed in New York City. Nothing says a simple yet perfect Valentines day at home quite like a romantic bed spread with some fresh rose petals.

Homemade Pasta

Homemade Pasta

Homemade Truffle Pasta

It may sound like a difficult task, but there are actually recipes for homemade pasta that is insanely easy to make with only a couple of ingredients. If it’s your first time making pasta, we recommend trying something like a brown butter potato gnocchi or fresh seafood fettuccine. If it still feels too overwhelming, try purchasing some homemade pasta and trying the Vitamix team’s spinach-walnut pesto sauce

A Creative Card

Valentines Day Homemade Card


Buy a nice card or try doing something crafty and cheesy and make your own.

Sparkling Red Wine

Valentines Day at Home Sparkling Wine

Kickstart the Night with Wine

Sparking Red Wine is making a come back and giving Rosé a run for its money in terms of popularity. Try a dry Lambrusco or other sparking reds with your Valentine’s dinner.

Make a Memorable Moment

Cute Selfies

Make Some Cute Memories

Sharing a memorable moment may seem insignificant, but it can be made to be special. If you’ve taken any great photos throughout the year, get a few good prints made and make a small collage or include them in your card. Also consider grabbing a mini Polaroid camera and capturing some memories throughout the year. Sharing and reflecting on your best times together is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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