Our Favorite Ways To Use A Non Stick Pan


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Almost everyone has a non stick pan in their kitchen. While chefs would scoff at it there is a reason they are so popular. They are easy.

The simple convenience make them a staple in my house and almost everyone I know. That plus there are some great pans on the market today.

I like to invest in quality non stick cookware because it’s the most practical and used pan in the kitchen. I closely consider the different types of non stick pans and the most popular brands before making a decision.

Just as important as having the right equipment and taking care of it is knowing how to use it. Don’t get me wrong, you can seriously mess up a meal and even get it to stick. Badly.

To help you out I simplified a number of my favorite things to cook using a nonstick pan. If you are new to cooking or even just got a new pan I highly recommend you give it a shot.

Fry An Egg

There was no question this was going to be my #1. Any skillet I end up getting this is the first thing I always do especially a crispy fried egg.

Frying an egg is more than just testing the non stick ability. It’s measuring the heat distribution and easy of cooking. Delicate and crispy a fried egg is the staple test for non stick pans. If you can make it swirl here like they do in a TFAL then it passes the test.

Make A Sauce

Sauces are unique in that a bad pan can really mess it up. While we usually use a saucepan in the kitchen a non stick pan is perfectly adequate to cook up something good. A great way to use one is to toss some cherries or cranberries into a skillet and reduce. What you should get is a well cooked sauce without any sticking to the sides of the pan.

Scramble some eggs

I know we already did a eggs but scrambling them vs frying is night and day. It’s equally important to not only see how the eggs come out but what the clean up is like.

Cook A Steak

This one may be a bit controversial but you can absolutely cook a steak on a non stick pan. The key thing here is the type of non stick pan. In this video it’s been cooked in a non stick cast iron to maximize the crust and flavor. We wouldn’t recommend cooking a steak in a standard nonstick but it is definitely doable if you have the right pan.

Non stick pans have been around for quick some time now and regardless of what some chef’s say they aren’t going away anytime soon.

If you are looking for a nonstick make sure you check the type carefully as some can contain toxic coatings.

For more information make sure you follow our buyers guide to nonstick pans and you will be well equipped to use your pans.



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