Notable Brands Of Potato Mashers

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While it may seem silly to focus on the brand when considering which potato masher to get, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While most people might casually grab one in any kitchen store, or order whatever model pops up on Amazon, not all models and brands are created equal. These products have been a staple in the kitchen for generations, and certain companies have refined the potato masher to perfection. If you’re looking for a quality potato masher that is effective, durable, and comfortable, consider checking out some of our favorite brands.


A kitchen brand that we love, as they make fine kitchen products for affordable pricing. Founded in 1990, this brand has grown into an international powerhouse, but it’s their handheld products that we have fallen in love with. Oxo is known for creating handheld kitchen utensils with comfortable grips, an important distinction when choosing the right model of potato masher. They produce a wide range of models, but generally their potato mashers have a stainless steel head for mashing, with a comfortable and soft plastic handle to reduce the stress on your hands when crushing. Their products are consistently among the top that we’ve tested, and their mix of performance and affordability means that you simply can’t go wrong with an Oxo product.


A brand that can be found online at retailers like Amazon and Walmart, and specialize in producing high quality steel products. Their potato mashers are generally on the more expensive end compared to other brands, but perform exquisitely against other models. Kukpo is notorious for providing a comfortable, flexible grip and their models are amongst the easiest to clean that we have reviewed. We love their horizontal model of potato masher, a unique and highly effective model that is worth the price tag.


An international brand that has been perfecting kitchenware since 1951, and offer a bevy of high quality products that consistently perform at the highest level. The potato mashers that they offer are generally made from stainless steel with silicone coating for increased comfort and performance. Their products are generally cheap and can be found at most online retailers and brick and mortar stores. Their products generally come with an extended warranty, another added bonus when considering your next kitchen product purchase.

Priority Chef

A small, family owned company that is taking the kitchen world by storm. Found on most online retailers, they produce high quality and professional grade products that stand the test of time. While not expensive, their products aren’t the cheapest, but you get what you pay for and for our money, you simply can’t go wrong when you see purchase one of their products. We love Priority Chef for their Potato Ricers, which we’ve tested and found to be the best in the market.



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