The Notable Brands That Make Kitchen Towels

Cotton Herringbone Dish Towel

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There are thousands of brands to consider from when it comes to picking out your next towel. Since these products are so vital in the kitchen, chances are that any kitchen or home goods store that you walk into will be stocked to the nines with towels from various companies. The most important thing to settle on before you purchase your towel is just what type of towel and what type of fabric makes the most sense for you. Try to determine what tasks you can envision using the towel most for. Hoping to clean up kitchen spills and messes? Higher absorbency towels like a dish towels or flour sack towels made from cotton are ideal. Want something decorative? Linen tea towels might be the best bet.

Once you’ve decided the what, it’s time to examine the where. It might not seem to matter who makes your kitchen towel, but that could not be further from the truth. In fact, not all towels are created equal. When you consider the beating that a kitchen towel is bound to take in the kitchen, it becomes vitally important to ensure that they are made from quality materials from reputable brands. These items should last a long while in the kitchen, and the last thing you’ll want to do is to constantly re-purchase a set of towels. Below, explore some of our absolute favorite brands to consider.

Utopia Deals

Utopia Deals is a wholesale company that produces some seriously excellent kitchen linens. Their towels can be found at their website or through a majority of online retailers including Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Sears. Over the years they’ve grown to sell over 20 million products and have established themselves as a highly reputable brand. They offer a wide variety of towels made from every type of fabric. From cotton to flour sack to microfiber, Utopia has you covered. Another plus is that Utopia towels can often be purchased cheaply in bulk. And while you can be sure that a towel from Utopia is of the highest quality, it never hurts to have extras lying around.

Aunt Martha’s

Aunt Martha’s is also a wholesale kitchen embroidery company that offers an eye catching array of towels for every purpose. If you are looking for something to upgrade the visuals of your kitchen while also providing functional use, this brand is for you. Made from the highest quality material, Aunt Martha’s can be found at online retailers Amazon, or in person at your local Walmart.


VibraWipe was launched in 2013 with the goal of providing high quality cleaning products at affordable prices. In accordance with their mission, this brand produces kitchen towels that absolutely excel at cleaning up messes and spills. While not the most visually appealing towels, there is no mess that a VibraWipe towel can’t clean. Their products are well made, durable, and cost effective. Looking to explore more of their products? Be sure to check out their website or head over to their amazon storefront.

Fecido Fine Home Products

Fecido Fine Home Products have been perfected kitchen products for years. This European company produces incredibly soft towels and linens can be found in hotels and professional kitchens around the world, and for good reason. Fecido makes functional yet visually stunning products that stand the test of time, and a good old fashioned machine wash. Their towels are highly absorbent and lint-resistant, and come at a cheap price tag. Looking to grab some kitchen towels from Fecido? Your best bet is to head over to Amazon.

The Homemakers Dish

The Homemakers Dish is obsessed with providing beautiful and high quality towels to customers, and boy do they succeed. Their cotton towels are not only decorative must-haves, but highly absorbent, wrinkle resistant, and durable to help tackle even the toughest of kitchen tasks. Their towels are available in a number of unique colors, sizes, and designs. Be sure to check them out online at or through their store on Amazon.

Cotton Creations

Cotton Creations is a unique online retailer that allows you full control of your product buying-process. They offer the highest quality kitchen towels of every type and material to fit any budget or need. Another reason to love Cotton Creations? They allow a unique way to design your own linens, so you’re not stuck only choosing between pre-produced options. Have a design you’ve been dying to try out? Visit them at and head over to their design station to fully customize every aspect of your kitchen linen, from sizing to text to materials. You can even upload an image to have embroidered on your own set of kitchen towels!



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