The Notable Brands That Make Drink Pitchers

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Pitchers have been serving up our favorite drinks forever. From pitchers of beers, to homemade sweet tea and lemonade at cookouts, to keeping large volumes of filtered water cold and fresh in the fridge, there is simply no good reason not to have one at the ready in any home.


For dependable plastic pitchers to keep in the fridge and to use for low key dinners and affairs, Rubbermade is an icon in kitchen containers and storage. Known for their extreme affordability, you can get years worth of use out of one of their products for as low as $2.99. Seriously, you just can’t beat that price.


For decoratively appealing yet functional options, CB2 has a stylish and constantly evolving collection kitchenware, and the collection of pitchers available. Ceramic, steel, glass…they have it all. Affordable and trendy, they almost always carry an eye catching option that will satisfy any kind of decorative pallet. A water pitcher from CB2 is sure to make a design statement.


A dinnerware company set across the pond in Manchester, VonShef makes quality products with clean, sleek designs. From standard water pitchers, to infusers, to chic and streamlined metallic options, VonShef is sure to deliver quality products that fit any kind of specification.


A true pioneer in the filtetered water space, Britta has been perfected their iconic water pitchers for years. Brita guarantees a high level of quality of reliability with each pitcher and filter. They have a ton of different sizes and models, and continue to innovate year after year.


While not as widely known as some other brands, these guys take their filtered water seriously. Consistently given top reviews and recognition for their superior products, ClearlyFiltered makes an incredible product with top notch materials. The filtered water pitchers are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but the highest levels of quality are always assured. Their pitchers are also well designed and a pleasing addition to any setting, something that isn’t assured with other brands.


An innovative American company changing the game since 1971, Prodyne produces a large selection of kitchen and barware. Their acrylic infused pitchers are some of the best around. Visually appealing, durable, and cheap, if you love flavored water, Proydne is the brand to know.


A mostly online retailer, this company makes some seriously impressive glassware. From standard pitchers and infusers to kettles, Artcome’s high quality products are sleek and modern, upgrading the decor of kitchens and meals alike.



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