Notable Brands of Cast Iron Skillets

cast iron skillets

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Since cast iron has been around for thousands of years, there are a ton of companies that excel in making skillets and other products. Very little has changed in the standard makeup of cast iron skillets throughout time, but some companies still seem to make better, and more cost effective options than others.

Here are our favorite brands around today:


lodge cast iron

When we think of cast iron, we think of Lodge. This American manufacturer has been making “heirloom quality cast iron” products since 1896. They’re totally dedicated to producing top quality products at affordable prices, and have established themselves as the authority for all things cast iron.

lecreuset cast iron

A well established brand that has been making cast iron products for over 90 years, Le Creuset produces high quality stuff. One of our favorite things about this French company is their dedication to making functional cookware that’s also fun. In stark contrast to the standard, often boring dark and gray hues of most cast iron skillets, this brand makes enameled products with bright bursts color that really pop.

field company cast iron

The Field Company is a family business that’s seriously passionate about cast iron products. Their products are made painstakingly by hand and the result is an excellent product that gets better with age. They have various sizes and sets to fit any sized stovetop or kitchen. While their cast iron skillets skew towards the more expensive end, you can’t put a price on such phenomenal quality.

An American born and bred company considered to be “the new kid on the block”, Smithey makes sleek, eye catching skillets whose functionality matches their visual appeal. Their artfully crafted products are expensive, but worth the price tag. Easy to clean and even easier to cook with, you simply can’t go wrong with a Smithey skillet.



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