Notable Brands Of Can Openers

Can Opener

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When purchasing a can opener, it is vital to consider the brand that produces them, especially for electronic ones. The last thing you want to do is shell out some cash only to deal with a stream of malfunctions. The most important aspect of can openers are their reliability, and for that reason these are the brands you should keep in mind.


Zyliss is a Swiss brand that has been making kitchen utensils and cooking products since 1951. They make both manual and electric can openers of great quality, and are known for magnetic locking mechanisms that make it exceedingly easy to balance and support clunky cans.


Oxo is a consumer product company that makes everything from cooking utensils, to baby products, to office supplies, but it’s the can openers that caught our eye. Based in New York City, their manual can openers are simple yet effective, and excel at seamlessly peeling back heavy lids. Another great perk about their can openers is that they often come combined with bottle openers as well, ensuring that their products are multi-functional.

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is a home appliance company based predominantly in North America that produces top of the line electric can openers. Their wide array of models excel at opening everything from heavy duty cans to cans of varying sizes. Their prices are also extremely reasonable for products of such high quality.


KitchenAid is probably the most well-known company on this list. This American home appliance brand was founded in 1919, and quickly rose in popularity thanks to their exceptional products. You can currently find KitchenAid products in almost any home goods store, and for good reason. Their manual can openers have been expertly refined over time to the point where they are considered to be some of the highest quality products on the market. Between that and their reasonable price tag, KitchenAid’s products are a brand worth investing in.



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