Must Have Avocado Tools For The Kitchen

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How often do you have avocados around the kitchen? If you’re anything like us, the answer is probably a resounding…ALWAYS!

Ever struggle to cut one open or have trouble finding a good way to preserve it without turning brown? It can certainly be frustrating. But with the right avocado tools, you’ll never have trouble preparing and storing your avocados again.

But how? We decided to seek help! We found tools specifically made for avocados that can aid in the cutting, serving, and storing process.

Long gone are the days where we baffled and confused on how to prepare this amazing fruit. Paired with the best avocado related cookbooks, you will certainly be more than equipped.

With these avocado tools, anyone can become an expert in the art of dealing with avocados. Ever seen some totally incredible avocado art and wondered how it was made? Well now you can stop wondering, and start becoming an avocado artist yourself.

Here are our avocado essentials every kitchen and avocado lover alike must have.

Avocado Multi-Functional Tool

Multi Function Avocado Tool

Split, pit, slice, and scoop avocados safely and effectively with the good grips 3-in-1 avocado tool. This tool features a plastic blade that easily cuts through the tough skin and fruit of the avocado, without being sharp or dangerous to the touch. This multi-functional tool also features a pitting feature that allows you to quickly remove the pit with a simple twist. That’s right – No more dangerous stabbing or losing fruit while attempting to dig the pit out with a knife or spoon. Simply scoop out the rest of this delicious fruit and cut into perfect slices with the simple and efficient fan blade.

Avocado Fresh Saver

Keep Avocados Fresh

Store your Avocado for fresh keeping!

Don’t have the room in your stomach to finish off your avocado? No problem. Use this specially designed saver tool to “hug” your avocado and prevent any oxygen from browning the surface. The airtight properties of the Avocado Fresh Savor allow you to store and enjoy your avocado at any time!

Two in One – Avocado Multifunctional Tool + Saver

Multi functional tool keeps things fresh

Interested in both cutting AND storing your avocado? Well, fear not. There’s a fantastic tool for that too! Shop this two in one deal that includes the essential avocado multi functional tool plus receive an avocado hugger to store and prevent browning.

Avocado Fresh Box

avocado fresh box

Another amazing tool to help store your avocados in the fridge is in a dedicated “fresh box”. This preservation box is crystal clear so that you can store and see how your avocado appears. Monitor the coloration of your stored avocado and keep it fresh in your refrigerator for days.




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