Most Popular Sizes Of Baking Sheets

Baking Sheet

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Baking sheets come in a variety of sizes and for good reason. Often times the size of your pan can make all the difference in your dish and even in the convenience of using it.

Whether its a half pan, full pan, or oversized pan the oven you have at home is also an important consideration. When it doubt aim for smaller since you can always increase the number of pans you have on hand.

Here is a look at the different sizes and which one may be right for you.

Full Size Pan (26 x 18 inches)

The largest pan available, it’s too large for most normal kitchen ovens. Can handle heavy volume, but the size is best suitable for industrial kitchens and restaurants.

Two Thirds Size Pan (21 x 15 inches)

A large pan for the home kitchen. Fits in most ovens, and is big enough to cook full dinners, handle lots of guests, and ideal for baking in high volume. Great to have in tandem with other sized baking sheets to fully stock the kitchen.

Half Pan (18 x 13 inches)

The most common, and widely used size. Fits in every oven, and handles decent volume. Great for families. Each kitchen should have at least one half sized pan.

Quarter Pan (13 x 9.5 inches)

This smaller pan is good for single servings, or smaller kitchens and families. It’s great for reheating, or making single sized cakes.



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