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A Buyers Guide To Wine Glasses

When enjoying a nice glass of wine after a long day at work, it’s imperative to use a wine glass. Look, we’ve all been forced to endure using a solo cup or mug in the past for wine, but that doesn’t mean that we have to. When you’re looking to stock a kitchen, ensure that you have the proper glassware. Wine glasses help ensure that the aromatic and taste sensory properties of the bottle you’re having are properly enjoyed. Wine glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with a specific and unique function depending on what kind of wine you plan to enjoy. Go to a fancy restaurant and you’ll find the tables set with a few different wine glasses.

While it certainly helps to own a variety of glasses for different types of wine, don’t be ashamed to start with a standard set that you can enjoy any kind of wine in. A passionate wine aficionado or aspiring Somali may find distinct glasses a necessity, but if you’re like us and just want to kick back with a glass of red or white, you don’t need to go too crazy with the specifics.

Keep in mind that while most wine glasses are dishwasher safe, their delicate stems and thin interiors can make them easy to shatter upon washing. Make sure that if you plan on using a dishwasher to clean, that you also have the proper attachments that help keep them fastened in place so that they don’t shatter. Also – if you purchase a set of crystal wine glasses, avoid the dishwasher entirely. They’re simply too delicate and likely expensive to risk breaking.

Our Favorite

Not everyone is going to want to buy multiple wine glasses for ever type of wine they purchase. This is why we selected our favorite universal wine glasses that you can use for any.

zalto wine glass

Zalto Wine Glasses

What many consider to be the ultimate wine glass, which we happen to agree with, Zalto’s make a world of difference you will notice every sip.

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