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While probably needless to say, we’ll go ahead and say it anyway; you can’t have a complete dinner set without an appropriate collection of spoons. The spoons that you’ll find on your table come in varying sizes and serve a variety of functions. Serving spoons are generally the largest, used to serve and scoop food from one plate to another. Table spoons, slightly smaller in size, are used also used for serving, and also for eating soup and other liquid items. Desert spoons and tea spoons are smaller in size, and thus are used for smaller endeavors, like enjoying an ice cream Sunday and mixing a cup of tea. Don’t feel that you need to have a large collection of each type of spoon; you can casually use Serving and Table spoons for almost any purpose.

Make sure that your spoons are made of stainless steel or other durable material; you will most likely be using them a lot, and as such need to ensure that they are difficult to tarnish. Try to ensure that you have double the amount of spoons (and all table utensils) as you do members of your family. That way you can reasonably expect to be prepared for other dinner guests.

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