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Even if you enjoy the benefits of a dishwasher, no kitchen or cleanup is complete without having a good spongy at the ready. While you may feel confident that your dishwasher can tackle the mess left on your silverware and dinnerware, grime has a way of creeping up in the corners and crevices of every kitchen. And nothing helps combat filth like a sponge.

While sponges are easy to clean, don’t forget to replace them often. Old and dirty sponges can be a cesspool for the filth that they are designed to combat against, and as a rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to have some fresh, unopened packs of sponges below your sink, ready when needed.

Look for sponges with a coarse bottom that will eliminate grime without tarnishing your tableware.

Our Favorites

Microbial Sponge


Melamine Sponge

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