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Adding a touch of fresh salt and pepper can help elevate the taste of any dish. While standard salt and pepper shakers are sufficient, it helps to have a grinder handy to add a dash of each element, unprocessed, in its purest form. The simplest way to purchase these grinders is in a set, and chances are that even though you’ll be using them often, it can take a long while to run low and have to refill either grinder. Salt & Pepper grinders are also a surefire way to help control the amount of sodium or spice that you’re adding to a meal as well.

These kitchen musts can be found at almost any online retailer or brick and mortar kitchen store, and are available in a wide range of materials. We love to use grinders with glass properties, allowing you to see the amount and color of the product within. Salt & Pepper grinders in that vein can also help add a visual touch to the kitchen counter or table, another big plus in our books. Prices for salt & pepper grinders can vary to fit any budget or visual preference, but the impressive durability and functionality ensures that they will be kitchen staples for years to come.

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