Slotted Spoon

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Slotted spoons are fantastic utensils to keep handy in the kitchen. As the name implies, these spoons come with slots or holes on the face of the spoon designed to let liquids pass through while upholding solid foods or materials. These spoons help cut down on the risk of burning your skin with scalding waterSlotted spoons are used in a variety of cooking prep work, and anyone who has made a stew or a roast can attest to the value these products provide in the kitchen.

Sizes of slotted spoons can vary depending on the manufacturer and model, but it is important to secure a spoon with a long enough handle to dip down to the bottom of any deep pot or bowl. Oftentimes slotted spoons are made from stainless steel or rubber, a perfect option when considering the type of tasks it will be used in, and the ease of cleaning that they provide.

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