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If you’re into entertaining and hosting dinner parties, or if you simply can’t get enough of munching on cheese and crackers, a serving board is a great investment. Restaurants and catered events often serve finger foods on these boards, as they’re sturdy, steady, and easily transportable. Outside of their function, serving boards also serve as an aesthetic addition to any dinner.

They are made with a wide variety of materials, from ceramic to slate, and often times are incredibly unique and diverse in their designs. We have found that nothing beats the visual appeal of a wooden serving board. However, tip to the wise: Wooden serving boards should NEVER be cleaned in a dishwasher. We recommend washing by hand with dish soap and letting air dry. Also, if you tend to use your serving board often, try coating it with a few strokes of mineral oil every couple of months.

Our Favorites

Walnut Wood Board

Lipper Wood Board

Bamboo Board Set

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