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You don’t need to be an expert chef to get great use out of a sauce pan. While they are absolutely essential if you plan on making sauces or soups, sauce pans come in handy when simply reheating left overs or just preparing a bowl of Kraft Mac and cheese.

Sauce pans can come in a variety of sizes, and we recommend having a few different types. Sizes can range from holding a single quart of liquid to a few quarts as a time. Most pans will also come with a fitted lid to ensure that you can entrap heat while boiling and steaming. Since boiling liquids can make for a messy cleanup, and so it is essential to find a sauce pan that is easy to clean.

We love pans that come with non-stick properties or that are made from stainless steel. These are easy to soak and clean. Also be sure to grab a pan that isn’t too heavy or cumbersome; it is essential to be able to easily and neatly pour the contents of a pan without having to worry about any splatters.

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