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No kitchen cookware set is complete without a reliable nonstick pan. These frying pans make cooking up anything from steaks to veggies easy with their non-stick sealant. They are also a total breeze to clean. For folks that have grown frustrated with using stainless steel pans or don’t have the room for bulkier items in the kitchen like cast iron skillets, nonstick pans are the perfect compromise. Lightweight, versatile and often available to be purchased on the cheap, the only real question that comes along with nonstick pans are sorting through the endless options available.

The vast majority of nonstick pans are made with a sealant known as “Teflon“. A synthetic chemical, teflon is predominantly made up of carbon and fluorine, and gives the pans with nonstick qualities. This coating is added to standard metals that most nonstick pans are produced from. Debate around the safety of using teflon surfaces for cooking has been rampant for years, and there is a vocal group of people who believe the synthetic chemicals that coat the pan can prove hazardous to health. The good news? From what we know, there doesn’t seem to be any adverse health risks linked to teflon sealant. So don’t be uneasy about making the nonstick pan your go-to fryer.

However, if concerns about teflon coating persists, newer models of nonstick pans are made from ceramic. These pans lack any form of teflon, and instead the ceramic naturally provides effective nonstick qualities. Ceramic is an environmentally friendly option that is delightfully customizable in different shapes and colors. The one downside to ceramic options is the shelf life. These pans tend to wear down much more quickly than their teflon counterparts.


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