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A mortar and Pestle has been a staple in the kitchen dating all the way back to 35000 BC – for good reason! These utensils are essential when cooking from scratch, allowing the chef to grind, mince, or crush various ingredients into powders and pastes with supreme ease. In fact, this kitchen essential is so efficient that it has changed very little in the thousands of years since it was introduced to cooking. While electronic models have since been created and allow for automatic use, the manual model is more than sufficient for most kitchens and chef’s.

The mortar is a bowl that is generally made from a rough material – think ceramic, heavy rock, or coarse wood that holds all of the the ingredients, while the pestle is a mini club that crushes and mashes everything together. Due to the materials that they are made from, a Mortar and Pestle may be one of the heavier items found in the kitchen. Also due to the materials, they can sometimes prove challenging to clean. That being said, most mortar and pestles can be quite affordable and extremely durable, meaning that you will enjoy it in the kitchen for years to come.

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