Mixing Spoon

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Here at kitchen season, we love to stir the pot, and nothing gets that done quite like a well made mixing spoon. These utensils are beloved in the kitchen for their unique ability to aid in the cooking and baking process for a variety of different foods, from soups and pastas to home made dough and cakes. Also known as cooking spoons, these spoons are generally long handled utensils that are often made of wood or other durable materials like silicone or rubber. It’s important to ensure that the mixing spoon of your choice is properly heat resistant as chances are that it will spend a ton of time submerged in boiling water, or scraping scalding sauce out of a hot pan.

Mixing spoons are generally around 12 inches, long enough to ensure that they can properly reach the bottom of deep pots and bowls and to keep hands away from highly heated surfaces. These utensils are also amongst the cheapest products that you can get for the kitchen. Due to the friendly price point and it’s versatile usage, there is simply no excuse to not have one in the kitchen.

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