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Liquid Measuring Cup

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Not all measuring cups are created equal, and so it is quite important to ensure that your kitchen is stocked with both liquid and dry measuring cups. Liquid measuring cups excel at giving you an accurate reading for the volume of liquid you are adding to a dish (surprise, surprise!), that could be a struggle to accurately read while using dry measuring cups. These liquid measuring cups are often made of glass or plastic to allow see-through comparison, which is extremely helpful for accurate reading purposes. The glass and plastic component also make them a breeze to clean, either by hand or dishwasher.

They also come with handles to make adding the measured liquid to the next phase of your cooking prep as seamless as possible. Most liquid measuring cups allow you to break down the volume of liquid in a variety of ways, from designations ranging from cup sizes, to milliliters, to quarts.

Spaghetti Spoon

Anyone who has spent time in the kitchen cooking pasta can attest to the helpfulness of a spaghetti spoons. These kitchen spoons are generally made from rubber or silicone, and excel at scooping and serving a portion of pasta. The material that makes up the product is important; since you will likely be using the spoon to dig around heavy sauces, it is essential to have a utensil that is simple to clean. The end of the spoon is generally flayed to help keep slippery spaghetti in place while you ladle it into each dish.

But where lies the real genius of a spaghetti spoon, you wonder? The hole in the middle of the spoon is designed to measure out a perfect serving of pasta. Pretty neat, right? Simply take a handful of uncooked spaghetti and place through the hole in the spoon. Whatever fits through the spoon is a perfect portion!

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