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If you spend a lot of time, or even a moderate amount of time cooking, it’s a given that you’ll be using a variety of knives and blades daily. Over time, and with repeated use, the blades and edges on knives tend to ultimately become dull and lose their general effectiveness. The good news is that it’s quite easy to restore the trademark sharpness of any knife. The bad news is that most people do not have the means to do so in their own homes, and thus are forced to endure a blade that has lost it’s edge.

While certain stores have days where they allow you to bring in a knife for sharpening, it is quite a hassle to to transport cumbersome and dangerous objects out of the home. And seeing how knives can be quite expensive, it makes little sense to dispose of them and purchase a new set.

Enter the knife sharpener. While there are manual ways to restore the edge on your blades using sharpening stones, honing steel, and the like, these days it has never been easier to quickly and effectively tune up your favorite knife. Instead, all in one knife sharpeners allow you to cut out the multi step process and prove a one stop shop for a quick and effective blade tune up.

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