Drinking Glasses

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You can never have enough drinking glasses, that’s just a fact. We’re even in the school of (completely unscientific and unproven) thought that certain glasses can make your drinks colder, and taste better. So stop sipping directly from that carton of milk; instead invest in a practical and eye catching set of glasses that provide a pleasant drinking experience and can serve your family for years.

Drinking glasses can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are small glasses that are appropriate for a splash of orange juice in the morning, to larger ones that hold up to a 16 (or more) ounces of liquid. If you can, try to accrue a varied mix. We think it’s important to have a few complete sets, as different situations and events can require different glasses. Unless you repeatedly drop or crack your glasses, they should last you a long while. Try to have at least double the amount of glasses as people per household. That way you’re covered with fresh glasses when running the dishwasher, or for unexpected guests and large parties.

Our Favorites

Libbey Polaris Glasses

Walnut Wood Board

Classic Glass Set

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