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If you or a member of your family enjoy coffee, tea, or any other heated beverage, a proper set of coffee mugs is vital in keeping your drink of choice warm. Most mugs are made from a ceramic property that helps insulate your drink, but you can also find eye catching mugs made from steel, glass or other materials. A set of 4 mugs to start should do just fine. It’s entirely possible that throughout time you will collect coffee cups of varying types and designs, but to start make sure you have at least one mug per member of your family.

Additionally, while coffee mugs excel at keeping your drink warm, a new type of coffee mug has emerged that aims to keep your beverage hot indefinitely. Temperature controlled ceramic mugs from Ember sit atop an electronic tray that emits heat, so you don’t have to worry about hurrying to finish your morning cup before it gets cold. While they can be slightly pricy, if you’re a big coffee or tea drinker, it’s worth it.

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