Cheese Knives

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Nothing upgrades a party quite like a charcuterie board, and nothing makes serving cheese easier than a proper Cheese knife. With textures ranging from soft (think brie), to hard (a parmesan), it is essential that you have the proper tools to cut yourself and your guests a suitable hunk of cheese. Standard kitchen knives just won’t do. A cheese knife not only helps suitably cut through cheeses, it also helps keep the clean up process simple, so you won’t have wayward crumbs flying everywhere while trying to stab into a brick of cheese with a butter knife.

A variety of knives exist to help cut and slice through cheese, and it’s never been easier to purchase an adequate set all in one. Make sure that the set you land on is dishwasher safe; it can be a pain to manually clean a set of knives once a soft cheese has set.

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