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Ah, the butter knife. Our old kitchen friend. While the primary function of a butter knife is to slice and smear butter (well, duh!) butter knives can be found performing any knife function, even the ones in which they are woefully unequipped to handle (like sawing steak). We like to think that a kitchen without a proper set of butter knives isn’t a kitchen at all. The butter knife is the most utilized piece of cutlery you can have in your kitchen, and no table setting is complete without them.

These knives are generally non-serrated and dull around the blade, yet still has a pointy enough tip to pierce through certain foods. They are commonly made of stainless steel and easy to wash, either by dishwasher or by hand. We recommend having at least double the amount of butter knives to household members. That way you have extras for dinner guests and parties, you’re covered.

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