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Any cook who has ever prepared a turkey for thanksgiving or is versed in the world of pastries will agree: a basting brush is an essential kitchen product. Also known as a pastry brush, these little hand held products assist in glazing the food of your choice in butter, oil, or an egg wash, or to help spread around a marinate and roasted food in stock or juices. When it comes to glazing poultry or coating your scones in melted butter, nothing is more effective to use than a basting brush.

Traditionally the brush end of these handheld kitchen are made with bristles that are almost identical to that of a paintbrush. This allows you to “paint” on the finish of your choosing and to ensure a proper coating. These types of brushes can be difficult to clean, and thus we recommend a solid hand cleaning immediately after each use. In today’s kitchen, you can also find many basting brushes produced of silicone. This makes them dishwasher safe for washing, a huge plus. In addition to the ease of cleaning, these brushes stand the test of time. Couple that with a relatively modest price tag, and a basting brush stands firm as a utensil that is mandatory to have on hand in the kitchen.

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