The Dinnerware Brands You Need To Know

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Stocking a kitchen with the essentials can be pretty overwhelming. Dishes, glassware, and various gadgets all have a place in the modern kitchen.

But finding the perfect brands, styles, and retailers can get confusing, and quick.

If you’ve ever asked anyone where to buy dinnerware, or searched online for recommendations, you may find yourself getting a list of the usual suspects: Crate & Barrel, West Elm, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond to name a few. And while these brands all have plenty of great options, they lack a certain unique quality. These retailers sell so many things to so many people, that the dinnerware has become a mass marketed commodity.

From niche companies to the big dogs, there are a ton of companies that still fly below the radar but make great products. You just need to seek them out to fill out your kitchen with something different.

The right dinnerware is not only a highly practical necessity, but can also help to present food as more appealing. Unique dinnerware can be the topic of conversation at dinner parties, or even help make people more passionate about the food they serve.

Regardless of your motivations, here are some of our absolute favorite kitchen brands that you should consider when buying new dinnerware:

Mud Australia

mud australia dinnerware

Image courtesy of Mud Australia

Mud really sets the standard for high quality porcelain dinnerware. Their unique products will be sure to upgrade any kitchen, and wow guests at the next dinner party. They make each product in house, directly in Sydney, Australia. Mud boasts the highest quality standard in their products, and you can be sure that any items purchased from them will be a staple a kitchen staple for years to come.

Their handmade porcelain range line, designed by Shelley Simpson, combines expert craft, eye popping colors, clean lines, an impressive palette and top of the line functionality. The end result is a product that neatly combines a minimalist aesthetic with impressive artisan finishes. Their porcelain fits in any kitchen or dining room, and provides a truly timeless alternative to run of the mill, mass produced ceramic products.

With stores already open in New York, London, and Los Angeles, it’s easy to see why Mud has firmly cemented themselves among the best dinnerware brands currently available.

Year & Day

year and day dinnerware

Image courtesy of Year & Day

Considered something of the new kids on the block, Year & Day has burst onto the dinnerware scene with a modern line of plates, bowls, and cups, all offered in various shapes and sizes. All clay pieces are sourced directly from Portugal and hand crafted, making each set truly one of a kind.

After starting with just dinnerware the company has since expanded product lines to cutlery and glasses. Providing a standard shape in various colors makes the choice selection easy. Why shop for the perfect plate shape when this company has already found it for you?

Year & Day has come to life in the Instagram age and many will agree the plates are worthy of being crowd one of the most picturesque.

Jan Burtz Porcelain Collection

Jan Burtz Dinnerware

Image courtesy of ABC Home

Found exclusively at ABC, the Jan Burtz dinnerware collection is uniqueness personified. Looking for something that breaks the tired old mold? Jan Burtz has you covered. No two items are exactly alike, ensuring that your new dinnerware set is a one of a kind treasure.

The lightweight porcelain pieces by master artisan Jan Burtz are a testament to the idea that less truly is more. Finished with creamy hues and metallic accents that lend a uniform aesthetic that’s dreamy and feminine, each piece is unique at its core, a result of Burtz’s hands-on technique.

Steelite International

steelite plates

Image Courtesy of Steelite

Steelite is the most interesting brand that you’ve probably never heard of. In fact, chances are high that you have already enjoyed a meal on one of their signature plates, or sipped a drink from their glassware collection. That’s because across the world so many restaurants all seem to have one thing in common; they use Steelite dinnerware. This brand dominates in the restaurant scene. Their products are trendy and durable, and Steelite seems to constantly churn out new designs that compliment the presentation of the professionally prepared food that everyone enjoys.

Next time you sit down at your favorite trendy restaurant, take a moment to flip over the plate. Chances are high that you will notice the Steelite logo staring right back at you. Theres a reason that so many of the top restaurants swear by these products.



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