Different Types Of Cutting Boards

different cutting boards

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When it comes to cutting boards, know that they come in a wide variety of different materials. Wood, plastic, bamboo, glass, and even stone or slate are all different types of cutting boards that are available, and each can be found in just about any kitchen centric store or website. Each of these material can offer various benefits in terms of both functionality and aesthetics, so it is important to zero in on what you deem to be most important when considering the type of board best suited for the kitchen.

One of the most vital aspects to consider when researching the right cutting board is its durability. As the name of this product implies, you use the board to assist in the cutting and preparation of food items, and as such, they can take quite a beating over time. Plastic and wood provide a reliably forgiving surface for your blades to go to work. These materials are hard enough to provide enough resistance when cutting, yet flexible enough to not treat the edge of your blade too harshly. A cutting board should be a piece of kitchen equipment that you enjoy for many years. As such, the majority of cutting boards tend to be made from plastic or wood.


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The most recognizable types of cutting boards, plastic models are a quick, easy, and cheap option that are perfectly useful in just about any kitchen. A primary benefit of using a plastic cutting board that they are easy to clean. These cutting boards are non-porous, which means that bacteria can’t enter and thrive below the surface, unlike wood. This make them a wonderful choice for preparing meats and fish, as you won’t have to worry about leaving behind any unwanted residue.


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Bamboo has become a super popular choice for cutting boards, especially for many environmentalists. Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource that needs no chemicals to be harvested. Bamboo cutting boards also absorb less liquid than wooden boards which lead many to believe they are at more as sanitary as wooden boards, and more easily cleaned.


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Some of our absolute favorite types of cutting boards are crafted with wood. Why we love these wood boards, aside from their aesthetic appeal, is that they possess a heavy yet soft wood surface that is very forgiving to knives. This helps keep cutlery sharp for a prolonged period of time, and also decreases the chance for a blade to get any nicks or chips. A good maple or beech cutting board will be extremely durable and dependable. These types of cutting boards won’t scar as easily as some other products. Wooden cutting boards are an excellent choice when it comes to fruit and vegetable preparation.

Some of our favorite brands make high quality wood boards such as John Boos and TeakHaus below. A wood board is a staple for any kitchen and a great item to leave out on the countertop even when not in use. These cutting boards are often gorgeous and add a much desired visual appeal to any kitchen or home.


Prices last updated on 2024-05-29

Glass cutting boards are amongst the most sanitary and easiest to clean cutting boards available on the market. These cutting boards are generally non-porous and feature no hiding spots for bacteria to grow, and are super easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. While glass cutting boards are great for preparing food by hand (think kneading dough), the slick nature of glass means that slippery food items such as raw meats and fish can be difficult to gain traction with when attempting to chop, cut, or slice. Glass can also be extremely tough on knives, and can often cause your favorite blades to dull and degrade pretty quickly.


Prices last updated on 2024-05-29

Quickly emerging as a trendy option, there is no denying that slate cutting boards are visually stunning. These products can quickly elevate the appearance of any kitchen or dinner party. Slate cutting boards are wonderful display boards, and pop nicely when paired with charcuterie or other spreads. However, slate and stone in generally can be some of the most harmful surfaces for knives. These cutting boards can easily chip your blades, and thus we recommend using them for less strenuous and more visual endeavors.



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