How To Choose Between Aluminum vs Nonstick Baking Sheets

Baking sheets are pretty simple products. They almost universally use aluminum to makeup the bulk of the pan, since it heats evenly, and can cool quickly, while also handling the extreme conditions of ovens well. But aluminum can burn, and sometimes be a pain to clean.

Nonstick baking sheets have gained in popularity, and despite a few performance concerns, continue to be popular options. We get it, they’re extremely easy to clean. For our money, we prefer a good old fashioned aluminum pan, but here’s the deal with each.

Aluminum Pans

Prices last updated on 2022-12-07

Performs well, and has superior heat distribution than nonstick options. Can be prone to warping, so it’s important to get thick and reinforced products to hedge against this over time. Can be used with parchment paper when baking/cooking to reduce potential burning or sticking.

Nonstick Pans

Prices last updated on 2022-12-07

The ease of cleaning a nonstick pan is the biggest appeal, and it’s attractive enough to make these pans pretty practical. But nonstick pans aren’t very durable, and can find themselves unusable pretty quickly. These pans rely on sealant that can eventually wear off. It’s also important to ensure that the nonstick coating is non-toxic.

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