The Best Kitchen Range Companies Around

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A truly high end kitchen range and oven set is not something that you see everyday, unless of course you are lucky enough to own one. The masterful and elegant design coupled with the sheer power of certain ovens can certainly make a world of difference in cooking, and can elevate the aesthetic design of any kitchen.

Ovens are one of the essential appliances to be found in any kitchen. So it’s extremely important to invest in a quality oven when designing a kitchen. Another added bonus? Investing in a quality oven will certainly make you more motivated to cook. While ovens certainly don’t come cheap, it’s a great investment to shell out the big bucks to get a quality model. They can last a super long time, and will be used a ton. And if you’re going to pay the sticker price, it makes sense to go with great looking, and functional, models.

Thinking of going through the task of remodeling the kitchen? Perhaps some appliances are in need of an upgrade? Here are some seriously good looking kitchen ranges and ovens to feed your inspiration.

Lacanche (France)

Lacanche was established in a small village deep in the Burgundian countryside in France almost 200 years ago. They manufacture kitchen range cookers by hand, and are well known for producing some of the most well designed appliances on the market.

Apart from their extraordinary heritage, what makes Lacanche kitchen range cookers so unique is that they are still made by hand, and to order. You know you are in a serious kitchen when you spot one of these installed.

Lacanche oven ranges are solid and built to last for years, so investing in one will certainly keep you set for a long time. They are extremely versatile, and can offer a unique visual centerpiece in the kitchen. The functionality of their kitchen ranges is designed to showcase simplicity, which makes them easy to use and maintain.

There is an almost infinite variety of configurations of models to choose between. From various hob types, oven types, built in hob options, dual fuel options, shape and size making range individually specially, there is truly an oven and kitchen range of any specification.

Lacanche also allows customers the ability to totally customize each facet of their kitchen range,  making each installation one of a kind. The beautiful enamel finishes and trims will make this your trophy appliance for years to come.

Viking (USA)

Viking has been around since 1987 and they are most famous for originating the “professional” segment of kitchen appliances for home use. If you have ever looked into getting an oven in the US, chances are high that you’ve been introduced to the Viking brand name.

The look and feel of Viking ovens are modern and powerful, and the design resembles what would expect to see in a commercial kitchen. But interestingly enough, the company only recently started offering commercial kitchen appliances, shifting their focus from home use.

Dubbed as more of a classic style of kitchen range, the company is dedicated to creating a more contemporary look to the kitchen with their new “all black” series. These kitchen ranges are sure to fit in perfectly with any modern design. When you get a Viking appliance, you’re getting the highest level of quality.

Miele (Germany)

Miele is a family owned German manufacturer. They specialize in high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment, and have been operating since 1899.

This company makes more than just ovens and kitchen ranges though. With a large collection of refrigerators, dish washers, and more, Miele is infamous for their durable, high quality product designs. All of their products are manufactured in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Romania, before they are shipped to the United States, where they currently have showrooms in ten different states.

La Cornue (France)

La Cornue invented the world’s first convection oven in 1908, right in the heart of Paris. Coming from a time that using an oven was mostly for reheating food, these guys developed a concept oven that had a vaulted ceiling to usher heat around the food, rather than trapping heat inside to burn beneath. La Cornue is named after the French term “cornue” — the system for refining the gas that warmed the new creation.

Today all La Cornue ovens are made by hand. Each of their workers are experts in steel, copper and brass handling, ensuring that each kitchen range and appliance is a well-designed masterpiece. Between their elegant and functional designs, La Cornue is sure to create an inspired centerpiece for any kitchen.

Hallman (USA)

Hallman was created in Texas with a goal of providing luxury appliances for the home kitchen. Started out being made in a garage these ovens quickly became a staple within Texas homes and soon around the country.

Each oven comes with at least four sealed Italian brass burners provide a perfect blend of power and precision, with infinite heat setting capability searing up to 15,500 BTU. A heavy-duty cast-iron grates provide a single continuous cooking surface, making it easy and safe to maneuver cookware from one burner to another.

Sub-Zero Wolf (USA)

Founded in 1945, Sub-Zero has been churning out beautiful, high quality kitchen ranges for decades. But they don’t stop there. Their collection includes almost any appliance you can dream up for the kitchen. Their luxury appliances are truly a feast for the eyes, and they boast a massive collection of products where the visual appeal is only matched by it’s functionality.

A sub-zero product is sure to be a statement piece in any kitchen. Well worth the high price tag, a sub-zero product will be a hallmark of any kitchen for decades.



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