The Best Kitchen Gadgets to Snag for Under $5

watermelon scooper

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Shopping for high quality kitchen products can be expensive. Some must haves, like certain appliances, pots & pans, and knives don’t come cheap. And if you’re interested in the highest quality and best reviewed items, prepare to shell out some serious dough. But you don’t have to break the bank to snag some helpful kitchen items or gadgets that can make a life easier.

Certain prep items, tools, and products that are extremely helpful can be purchased smartly, a bunch of which are even under $5!. And While not every item should be bought on the cheap, it pays to save money where you can! If you’re looking on a budget some help in the kitchen to make life easier, you’ve come to the right place. These are some of our favorite kitchen products and gadgets that are complete bargains to splurge on for $5 or less.

cheap vegetable peeler

Holy Rose High Grade Stainless Steel Premium Peeler

When enjoying fruits and vegetables, ditch the knife and go for the vegetable peeler. These simple products make prepping and skinning produce a breeze, and can be easily found for budget prices.

Most vegetable peelers are pretty cheap in relation to other kitchen products, but the the big brands still tend to charge well more than $5 for their most popular models. But buy into the higher prices. This stainless steel vegetable peeler is an effective, efficient, and surprisingly beautiful model, and our favorite for less than $5.

$5 Garlic Press

Easy Squeeze Garlic Press

If you love garlic (or just cook with it a lot), a garlic press is simply essential. Crushing and chopping fresh garlic by hand can be a slippery, messy and stinky endeavor. Instead, ditch the mess and save some time with a garlic press.

Load some cloves into the press, squeeze down, and voila – crushed garlic ready to add to any dish. These gadgets can be snagged for cheap, run through the dishwasher, and stand the test of time, making it a no-brainer investment.

5 dollar grater

WEILYDF Stainless Steel Grater

Every kitchen needs a grater, and not just to use when grating fresh cheese. There are also a ton of interesting kitchen hacks that make graters an insanely valuable kitchen product, and you can enjoy the benefits for under $5!

While this grater isn’t as fancy as certain models of box graters, the value here is pretty ridiculous. Trust us; once you get a grater, you’ll be using it way more than you ever imagined.

lemon squeezer

Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer

Don’t let the name fool you; a lemon squeezer is a perfect tool to collect the juice from any fruit. These nifty little kitchen products help gather fresh juice minus the seeds and pulp! Cooks and mixologists alike can find a ton of value for such a simple and cheat kitchen product.

Whip up some homemade lemonade or add some zest to your favorite cocktail or drink.

melon baller

Norpro Double Melon Baller

Enjoy fruit with ease with a nifty and mess-free melon baller. Carving melons and other fruits for salads or as garnishes for larger dishes has never been easier, or cheaper! At less than $5, this simple product has ridiculously good value.

And don’t restrict the melon baller to just working on fruit. Cheese, ice cream, and other soft food items stand no chance of resistance from being turned into perfectly balanced and round chunks of tasty goodness.

Youfui Ice Cream Scoop w/ Trigger

Fans of the delicious frozen treat know the value of an ice cream scoop all too well. But you don’t need a sweet tooth to find great value in a scooper. Similar to the melon baller, ice cream scoops can be used to easily carve up perfectly shaped balls of a just about any soft food.

The release trigger makes things even easier, providing a true no-mess tool that you’ll use time and time again.

dumpling molds

Taiko 3 Piece Dumpling Molds

Got a hankering for dumplings? Whip them up at home in no time with a super helpful dumpling mold kit. Gather up your favorite ingredients, some dough, and let the mold help you make them perfectly uniform, every time.

These nifty gadgets are also aces when it comes to making wantons, noodles and even pies! For easy cooking and an even easier cleanup, $5 goes a long way.

apple slicer

Baost Apple Slicer/Corer

Everyone loves apples. But nothing beats a tool that cuts them with no mess, and zero effort. Enter the apple slicer. Similar to a veggie peeler, this kitchen gadget is simply a must have. Get perfect, uniform apple slices each and every time.

But apples aren’t the only thing this product can slice. Most fruits and veggies can also be sliced/cored with ease, and for under $5, this is a gadget you’ll be reaching for time and time again.

cheap noodle maker

YERZ Pasta Maker Machine

Some noodle machines can be expensive and complicated, but you really don’t have to break the bank to enjoy fresh and simple home made pasta. In fact, for just over $3 you can enjoy perfect hand pulled noodles without any hassle.

Simply put the dough through this hand held gadget and enjoy! With a pasta maker like this, every night can be noodle night.

egg yolk separator

Prep your eggs with ease! Whether you’re looking to make fresh egg whites, or to isolate the yolk for baking or cooking purposes, cut down on the hassle and mess with this handy egg separator.

Simply crack the egg directly over the egg separator, and let this gadget do the rest. It’s cheap (under $5), easy to clean, and will help to make breakfast a breeze.



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