The Best Cutting Boards Every Kitchen Should Own

cutting board with fruit

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Investing in a great cutting board is vital. Cutting boards obviously take quite the beating, so it’s important to get one (or more!) that will stand the test of time, while also protecting other products like knives from wearing down. The best cutting boards are products that will be used a ton, so you’ll want one within arms reach that is versatile, durable, and compliment your kitchen at large.

You’ll want a cutting board that provides ample surface area to work with and that stays put when in use. From chopping blocks, to standard cutting boards, these products can be bulky and take up some space around the kitchen. It’s important to get cutting boards that can be tucked away easily, or serve as a visual show piece in the kitchen.

A cutting board should also be easy to clean. Keep in mind that they’ll get dirty and worn down, but the well designed models can withstand almost anything. A well made cutting board shouldn’t crack, break, or warp.

You can find cutting boards designed from a bunch of material, but we like the wooden and plastic models because they satisfy the criteria that’s most important. Glass cutting boards, while lovely visually (and for serving purposes) can be tough on kitchen knives, so we stuck with more forgiving materials on this list.

While we recommend having a couple of cutting boards of varying materials stocked in the kitchen, you’ll probably have a favorite that is used more often than the others. These are our picks for the best cutting boards to own.

teakhaus cutting board
  • Retails around $110
  • 20 inches long & 15 inches wide
  • Made with eco-friendly teak wood
  • Durable, stain & moisture resistant
  • Hand grip for easy movement & cleaning

This eco-friendly wood cutting board from Teakhaus is an exceptional option. Sourced from trees grown in sustainable forests, the board itself is beautiful, with multi-toned streaks of brown that gets more visually appealing the more it’s used. But the visual and eco appeal of the teakwood isn’t all. Teak wood treats knives gently. The wood is soft enough to handle powerful chopping and dicing but resistant to cracks and splits, and won’t dull the knives either.

It’s a larger sized option, designed to be a workhorse, and weighs just over a pound (14.1 ounces), so it’s light enough to store around the kitchen while still remaining heavy enough to maintain a grip when in use. The slip handle on the side of the cutting board provides a helpful grip for maneuvering.

While wooden cutting boards do provide a little extra care when it comes to cleaning and maintenance than plastic versions, don’t let that deter you from this model. Teak wood is moisture resistant, so it wipes down easily, and isn’t so porous that smells and bacteria can easily fester.

Oxo best cutting boards
  • Retails around $15
  • 12.8 inches long & 8.8 inches wide
  • Sturdy plastic surface with no-stick edges for maximum support
  • Durable & dishwasher safe
  • Integrated drip-catcher to cut down on messes

This plastic cutting board from OXO is the perfect cutting board. An almost indestructible product, this cutting board is amazing can handle anything without breaking, and won’t destroy & dull knives. It’s a no frills piece that won’t lend a visual boost to the kitchen, but it’s just so darn functional that it doesn’t even matter.

It’s a standard size option, thin enough (.4 inches wide) to fit snuggly when stored just about anywhere. Weighing in at just over 1 pound, it’s also light enough to move around the kitchen with ease. This cutting board is just designed so, so well. The rubber siding helps it stay firmly in place when in use, and the small ridges on the side help collect and pool liquid messes for easy cleanup.

At such an affordable price ($15), and the fact that it’s dishwasher safe, this cutting board excels in any kitchen. A sound investment that will last you decades, if not a lifetime.

john boos butcher block cutting board
  • Retails around $190
  • 17 inches long & 21 inches wide
  • Sturdy, maple wood design
  • Double sided to provide unparalleled versatility
  • Deep juice-catching groove to limit mess

The most expensive, yet beautiful option on our list comes curtesy of John Boos. We love the rich walnut wood, and as a bonus it’s sourced from sustainable forests. It’s a true statement piece that shows off well in the kitchen or dining room, but it’s not all style no substance. On the contrary, it’s a high performance product. This cutting board is well worth the hefty price tag; it’s durable and exceedingly forgiving on knives and other cutlery.

It’s a large, bulky cutting board, and can handle prepping multiple food items at once. While it’s large, it’s not too thick (1.5 inches), so it can be stored in tight shelves or cabinets with enough ease.  The duel siding of the cutting board is also a feature that we love. One side has a standard, flat surface, perfect for chopping and prepping fruits & vegetables. The other side has a deep groove around the perimeter, and excels when used to cut poultry or meat.

Like all wooden cutting boards, it takes a bit of care for proper cleaning and maintenance. But with the proper TLC, this cutting board will last forever, and will end up being a great value piece in the kitchen.

Dexas Grippmat
  • Retails around $20
  • 14 inches long & 11.5 inches wide
  • Lightweight and Flexible design
  • Nonslip back provides solid grip
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

If you want some bang for your buck, nothing beats this set of 4(!) plastic cutting boards from Dexas. More of a mat than a standard board, this option is super thin, lightweight and flexible. The plastic bends well but won’t break, so you can funnel chopped and sliced produce into pots and dishes with supreme ease. While they’re not show pieces, the pop of color is always an added addition to the kitchen. And you simply can’t beat the price; for just under $20 you get 4 cutting boards to cycle through.

The cutting boards weight under a pound (at 12.8 ounces), and can be stored easily. We also love the gripped texture on the back of these cutting boards, providing stability when chopping or cutting quickly. However, since they are so light weight, the cutting boards can sometimes shift under exceedingly quick or heavy movement.

These cutting boards are super easy to clean and maintain. Just toss in the dishwasher for a complete clean. For the price point, quantity provided, and ease of use, this is a great option that gets the job done.

totally bamboo cutting board
  • Retails around $20
  • 14 inches long & 11.5 inches wide
  • Dense and moisture resistant
  • Bamboo is sustainable & eco-friendly
  • Easily cleaned by hand

If you’re looking for a well designed, bamboo model, this cutting board from Totally Bamboo can’t be beat. The bamboo is visually striking, and offers a bunch of perks that wooden boards don’t. For starters, bamboo is slightly harder than wood, and so it’s less porous and prone to bacterial buildup and the emergence of phantom smells. Bamboo is also easily harvested, making it an environmentally friendly option. Bamboo, and this board in particular, performed well on our knives. It’s soft enough to not damage or wear down the blades, while still providing a solid surface to go to work on.

And at just $20, it’s hard to surpass the beautify this bamboo cutting board provides. A true statement piece, this cutting board looks just as great on display as it preforms functionally. This model has a standard size that is ideal for most kitchen tasks, and weighs 2.4 pounds, providing sturdy, non slip grip when in use.

Bamboo, like wood, should only be hand washed. But it’s also an easier clean than it’s wooden counterpart, and is pretty low maintenance in general. Keep in mind that bamboo doesn’t tend to last as long as wood. So while this cutting board might not last a life time, it will last at least a decade, and that’s a pretty good proposition for a cutting board that comes so cheap.



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