The Best Cooking Channels on YouTube

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If you ask me YouTube is now the #1 resource for cooks of any level and where I consume the majority of my food content. Whether you are looking for simple recipe hacks or a complex scientific cooking experiment YouTube has it all.

What makes YouTube special is the creators. People dedicating their time, effort, and career into making incredibly high quality content for us all to benefit from.

This post is a toast – to those content creators and channels that continue to wow us with videos and are reason alone to create a YouTube account just to subscribe to them.

Whether you are an experience cook or picking up a knife for the first time there is a channel for everyone. Here is our list of the absolute best cooking channels on YouTube today.


Buzzfeed’s tasty took social media by storm when they introduced us to the overhead video. This quickly became popular on Instagram, Facebook, and spread like wildfire. Lucky for us Buzzfeed has come a long way launching a robust Youtube channel with easy to make recipes in the same overhead style. This channel is our go to when we want to make something creative but also want something that’s not overly labor some. The overhead style has changed cooking videos forever and just know Tasty has continued to perfect it.

New York Times Cooking

NY Times cooking is great when you want a serious recipe made by a wide variety of chefs. The channel packs everything from unique ethnic inspired recipes such as Indian Baked Potatoes or Dosa with Aloo, but also includes food journeys such as A Day In The Life Of A Vegan Tik Tok Star, NY Times has it all. You had to know with NY times food critiques being a staple for a number of years their Youtube would be just as iconic, which makes a follow an easy choice.

Pro Home Cooks

Pro Home Cooks, formerly known as Brothers Green Eats, shows you just how far an at home cooking channel can grow. At the start no major studio or big budget videos, just 2 regular brothers cooking up some seriously good food in their NYC apartments. Now that the channel has been rebranded to Pro Home Cooks and most videos are filmed in a dedicated kitchen space the videos have been next level. Learn everything from how to make your own bread for a sandwich to pickling items that will last on your shelf for months. Pro Home Cooks does exactly what the name entails and really takes you from an average cook to a home pro.

Kenji Lopez

Kenji has amassed a cult like following in the foodie universe and it’s honestly no surprise. One of the masterminds behind Serious Eats, his recipes are robust, practical, and really dive into the scientific details of why a recipe works. Not to mention them being absolutely delicious, what we love about Kenji is his unique Go Pro Head strap style. He really brings you into his life in the kitchen making late night smash burgers at his restaurant or a simple sesame noodles at home. Kenji is one of our all time favorites and we don’t expect his influence on the food world to be slowing down anytime soon.

Chef Steps

The company behind the very attractive looking Joule sous vide also has a very detailed and robust Youtube channel. While Chef Steps does focus a lot on sous vide cooking they go beyond to really break down how a chef would cook a meal. This channel is great to learn techniques that will really make you feel like you are delivering a restaurant quality meal from the comfort of your home kitchen.

Sam The Cooking Guy

Sam The Cooking guy not only serves up delicious recipes out of his backyard kitchen but he is also one of the biggest characters as a home chef. You’ll find him specializing in recreating popular dishes like White Castle Sliders or a Wagyu Big Mac, only of course takes them up a notch. We love Sam for his casual backyard take on popular classics that allow you to a version of your own.

Joshua Weissman

Joshua Weissman’s is one of the essential home cooks really aiming to help you perfect all aspects of you home cooking skills. Some of our favorites include his guide to cast iron skillets and a recreation of chick fil a nuggets. It’s not surprise that Josh used to be a chef in Austin, Texas but lucky for us shares all his techniques and style online these days.


Munchies feels more like a TV network than a cooking channel but that doesn’t stop us from loving their cooking videos. Often times featured celebrity foodies such as Action Bronson making the worlds best sandwich or Matt Matheson’s “Guaranteed To Get You Laid” lasagna. If those are not enticing video titles then I don’t know what is. You can think of Munchies as your modern day Food Network and we are regulars constantly tuning in.


Epicurious is a recipe powerhouse so it’s no surprise their channel is full of helpful videos. Known for their series Pro Chef vs Home Cook, these videos are meant to entertain just as well as providing cooking tips. More recently the channel has expanded into guides like how to cut every cheese but they still stick to their originals with plenty of the same recipes cooked by amateurs, home cooks, and experts.


It’s no surprise to see Food52 on this list as they have quickly become a powerhouse in the foodie scene. Mainly due to their hyrbid approach to food culture and products, their videos tend to lean towards a complete home lifestyle to cooking. Almost always featuring a guest chef their Youtube has quickly been gaining ground if you want to be inspired to make dishes for friends and family, or even just to experiment yourself.

Babish Culinary Universe

Formerly known as Binging with Babish, this film makers videos have been a long staple in the Youtube foodie universe. You can find this channel heavily promoted all across social media and on Reddit, and for good reason, the filmography and topics of videos such as making a krabby patty or all of bobs burgers are sure to catch peoples attention. After going full time into video making Babish has a whole host of series now giving us loads of content to feast our eyes on.

Not Another Cooking Show

Not Another Cooking Show is one of the newest channels on Youtube but has earned it’s spot amongst some of the best. In a world where there are already so many creators putting out food videos this channel wanted to do something different. No fluff, no overly long story telling, just serious recipes done the right way. The host Stephen Cusato really shows off his Italian side with classics like cacio e pepe and spaghetti aglio e olio, however we do have a clear favorite which is dubbed the greatest vegetarian sandwich. No matter which way you slice it Not Another Cooking Show really set out to be different and he accomplished just that.

Real Frank

Frank is pretty new to the Youtube scene but we’ve been avid followers of his Instagram for years and he is the influence behind the crispy fried egg and sweet potato methods. Lucky for all of us he has made a huge push into Youtube making production ready videos of all his methods to be permanently available. If you are drooling over his videos and want to get the real thing he has 3 restaurants in New York City serving up all the methods he teaches on his channel.

We could keep going on and on but the reality is the amount of quality content on Youtube is boundless.

The biggest blessing of all is that this content is delivered at no charge and shows no signs of stopping. So if you find a creator you like support them with a follow, like, or even purchase some of their merch. Every little bit helps to make sure the great food content keeps coming.



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