The Best Avocado Themed Products, Puns, Trends, and Jokes

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If you know anything about us at Kitchen Season, it’s pretty apparent that we are big fans of avocado everything. Seriously.

Avocado Cookbooks. Avocado Products. Avocado Recipes.

Saying that we love avocados is a huge understatement.

If you also follow us on Instagram, you will notice that we are massive fans of Avocado art. This fun fruit has certainly been trending lately, and has found a new home and fanbase with Instagram. Countless chefs, cooks, and food bloggers from all around the world have taken to the platform to share their avocado creations and inspiration. We were completely stunned to find some of the works of art that people were able to create and share.

We decided to dedicate this post to our favorite avocado themed quotes, sayings, puns, tweets, trends, jokes, and products of all time!

These quotes can make for the perfect Instagram caption, or even be printed on a T-Shirt to give as a gift. 

If you’re out to take your love of avocados to the next level…Look no further. If you have nothing but love for avocados, then this will surely be for you. 

You’re a chip off the ol’ guac.

You’re following the example of your parents. You can only hope they make great guac.

Birds of a feather guac together.

Similar people share similar interests — particularly if it’s a love of guacamole.

Guac a mile in someone else’s shoes.

This doesn’t mean go scoop guacamole into your friend’s sneakers (Although, could you even get that mad over it?). It means considering someone else’s point of view before you judge their lifestyle, behavior, or favorite guacamole ingredients.

When life gives you avocados, make guacamole.

It’s not always what you’re given but what you make of it that matters. When you meet with opposition, look for opportunity — especially if that opportunity involves guac.

Why was the avocado followed by the paparazzi?

He was a guac star.

What did the sad avocado say?

“It’s a hard guac life.”

What do you call an alligator that loves guacamole?

A guacodile.

What was Elvis’ favorite Mexican snack?

The jailhouse guac.

What do you get when you put an avocado, a tomato, and an onion in a mosh pit?

A punk guac concert!

What do you call an avocado in church?

Holy Guacamole!

What is an avocado’s favorite song?

“I Guac the Line”

What did one avocado half say to the other?

“Without you, I’m empty inside!”

What did the tortilla chip say to the avocado?

“Well, this is guacward.” (Dip, scoop, munch!)

What do you call an avocado after a priest blesses it?

Holy guacamole.

What do you say to an avocado who’s done a good job?


Can I have your last avocado?

Avocadon’t you dare.

Are avocados good for your heart?

Yes, they make for great avo-cardio.

How do you say “four avocados” in Spanish?

Um, avo-cuatro?

Can I have some of your avocado?

GUAC NO! I give zero guacs! You need to guac off!

If those jokes are not enough there are tons of other Avocado products we found to also fit the bill. Take a look at some of our favorites below

Avocado Pajamas

The ultimate comfy house clothes. We love to rock our avocado love on the reg, especially while comfortable.

Avocado Socks

Avocado socks are a nice subtle way to rock your favorite avocado gear without everyone knowing. But let’s be real. If you have Avocado socks you will definitely show them off.

Avocado Pillows

avocado pillow

You can find these plush and comfy avocado pillows all over the place these days! Super popular and insanely cute, get yourself a little avo friend for your home!

It’s Okay Guac, I’m Extra Too

Avocado pun shirt

Do you even need to be told anymore? We’re just as extra as the guac which make it a necessary choice every meal.

Avocado Airpod Case

The perfect airpod wrap to make sure you never confuse your friends average case with your avo case!


Get your workout on in style and sweat it out with some avocardio.

Avocado Sheets

Sweet dreams while you dive into this avocado comforter. Does anything look more comfortable?



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