A Trick To Reheating Pancakes


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Pancakes are one of my top 5 favorite foods. Funny enough I’m not a huge fan of eating them for breakfast but rather dinner or even dessert.

When I make pancakes I tend to make A LOT of them.

My favorite way to eat them – with some fresh blueberry jam. Beats maple syrup any day.

I always end up overestimating the amount of batter I need which leads me to making way more pancakes than I can eat.

I used to avoid this by saving the batter and attempting to make it again a few days later. However, they never did come out the same and I always felt like I was wasting the batter in the end.

I decided to stop doing this and use all the batter I had at once.

This led me to having tons of leftover pancakes that I tried storing in my fridge (and freezer).

For the next few days I would reheat them on the same pan and they came out pretty good. Although sometimes they would get a bit overcooked and I tried to find a better way.

That’s when I discovered it: reheat the pancakes in a toaster.

It seemed like a wild idea at the time and I immedietly knew I had to try it.

After all I use my toaster to reheat anything that fits into it. Even chicken cutlets that were great from frozen. Just pop them in and a few minutes later you get them hot and crisp on both sides.

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself!

I found the best results by putting my toaster on the highest setting and watching the pancakes closely. If coming from frozen make sure you let them get to room temperature first for the best results.

Keep your eye on it and as soon as you can really start to smell that delicious pancake aroma in your house pop it out!

You will have perfectly cooked and slightly crisp pancakes without any messy batter to clean up.

After discovering this trick I am constantly making leftover pancakes and freezing them for another day. On any given day you can find a batch in my freezer that are ready to eat almost instantly.



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